The Gnar Company delivers foundational products built by people who believe in great craftsmanship and the power of process-driven development. Every day we build high-value web and mobile software that enables our clients to succeed.

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With senior-level experience and a background in product development, we deliver software like your in-house team.

Foundational software products

Clean, test-driven applications architected for extensibility and scalability and intended for internal team handoff from day one.

Functional prototypes

Lightweight functional prototypes for sales and tradeshows, fundraising demos, and user-testing demos.

Responsive Websites

Responsive websites from the ground up or from existing sites, including mobile strategy and UX improvements.

iOS and Android apps

Get your app in the App Store and Google Play Store with our Native iOS and Android solutions.



Wireframing & User Story Creation

Detailed Design


Operate & Support

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