Gladly Do

Rebuilding On-Demand Web Application

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Foundational Software






GladlyDo is the easiest way to get odd jobs and errands done in and around Boston, MA. How easy? Simply post a job! Our platform will match your need with a qualified Doer and hourly rate. You’ll even receive a personal phone call to alert you that a match has been made.

Rebuild of Web Application

Gnar rebuilt the GladlyDo web application, a responsive web application offering a service to connect users who require errands and odd-job assistance with users offering the requested expertise. This effort included the development of user stories to understand the business logic and the value proposition to GladlyDo Doers and Job Posters. In addition to an improved user experience, the application automated matching between Job Posters and Doers, which was previously a manual operation, saving hours each day.

Reporting and Dashboards

Gnar also built robust dashboards that included KPIs so that management could monitor the business with one click.

Full Stack

Along with rebuilding the application, The Gnar Company built a Ruby on Rails API serving a React/Redux single page application which will facilitate the development of a follow-up phase for native mobile applications on iOS and Android. In addition, this API adheres to JSON API spec.

Stripe Integration

GladlyDo uses Stripe for credit card processing.

They were local, friendly, smart, engaging, overly competent and competitively priced. After a few meetings with the founding team, Mike and Nick, I was confident they would deliver on what they promised and they did. They were also local, so we were able to sit down face-to-face, which was comforting and valuable. Woody Founder/CEO, GladlyDo